Fall 2012 Conference

“Shift_Happens – the Changing Role of Disability Professionals” – WIAHEAD Fall 2012 Conference

Jefferson Street Inn and North Central Technical College, Wausau Wisconsin, November 1st and 2nd

The conference launched with a blast – Stephan Hamlin Smith, Executive Director of National AHEAD was the keynote Thursday afternoon at North Central Technical College from 3:45-5:15pm.

The President’s Reception was well-received, full of good food, fun, and plenty of conversation. However, it seems we will need a bigger venue for the reception at the next conference!

Friday focused on some serious “shifts” we have all been a part of over the past few years – more students on the Autism Spectrum attending college, the explosion of Assistive Technology (AT) options available to students, and the movement towards re-assessing how documentation requirements shape how students access disability services at college.

Brian King was our keynote Friday and provided the unique and valuable perspective of a helping professional on the autism spectrum. The rest of the day was filled with presentations on emerging AT from Apple and Live Scribe and other AT being used by the students in WI, as well as continued dialogue opportunities regarding documentation standards and practice.

This year WI AHEAD was thrilled to provide a unique networking opportunity. We offered a chance to be a part of the afternoon portion of the UW and WTCS fall state called meeting from 1 to 3pm on 11/1/12. Attendees received critical updates from DPI and DVR, as well as updates from the Access Textbook law state workgroup.

Thank you for joining us for a great professional development opportunity!